CC: Sacrifice For The One You Love

posted by Rechie L on


Rodliz’s Nest

Today, in Couple's Corner, we will talk about the sacrifices we did/do for the one we love. I want to talk first about our sacrifices before we get married. Since we had a long distance relationship, we sacrificed our time to be together because he had to leave me to go back to work. We can only see each other personally after every 4 months for 2 weeks. Although we were powered with a magical way of communication through phone calls and instant messaging in YM and MSN, it was still nice to hold, hug and kiss each other personally, everyday.  
After the long days and months of sacrifices, our wedding date finally arrived. My husband sacrificed his job after more than 20 years just to spend a longer time with me here in Philippines after our wedding. He is also giving up his homeland to join with me for the rest of his life here in the Philippines. He is planning to live here in the Philippines for good and we will just be visiting his family there in US if we  have the time. Philippines and me is now his real home having a simple way of living, simple people and cheap expenses. Lol. As to my sacrifices, I can say are not much. My husband is not prohibiting me to hang out with my friends even without him. I only sacrifice the single life and my surname. Well, I love him so much so I willingly sacrificed it in the name of love. 

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