Couple's Corner: When We Cuddle

posted by Rechie L on


Rodliz’s Nest

When husband and I start cuddling, most of the time it will end up in bed. Most of the time not all the time.  We usually cuddle while watching whatever shows on TV, while waiting for our groceries at the mall to be checked out,  and whenever we feel like cuddling. Our favorite place to cuddle is in the bedroom, for sure all married couples can relate. When we're on bed before going to sleep, of course, we cuddle until we both fall asleep cuddling each other after tiring ourselves by "you know" and by doing silly things after.
(This picture is rated PG)

Cuddling is indeed important to every couples. Our body need the warm that only our loved-on can give through cuddling. Cuddling is also one way of telling our partner that we want them intimately. Well, that is our (hubby and me) way or it's kind of our implication that we want to make love with each other. There was one time I joked at my husband to tell me directly like "hey baby, let's go upstairs, i'm hard" if he wants to make some loving but he said that it don't work like that. Besides, it is being disrespectful to me.  A mixture of an earnest feeling of love and desire should be present and it comes naturally when being with the person you love. I gave hubby two thumbs up for that.