Hubby's Fun Moments At Home

posted by Rechie L on


When we visited my parents last Friday, we stayed there for the night. That night, my brother and his friends came home from the sea with one bucket of fresh sardines. They helped the fishermen getting the fish from their fish nets and that was their reward. They then made a fire in front the house to grill the fish. Here are some photos taken that Friday night. These are no good photos though using my phone's camera. I forgot to set it for night capturing. 
For the love of fish, he helped doing the poor style grilling. This was around midnight.

He couldn't wait for the fish to be cooked when he smelled the delicious aroma of fresh grilled fish.

Helping fishermen is what I used to do with my brother back when we were little. Our father, aside from being a carpenter, he is a fisherman too, although he doesn't go fishing nowadays due to his Arthritis.  Anyway, helping fishermen getting fish from their nets was how we can receive rewards - fresh free fish and the enjoyment of doing it. And after we get our reward, we would take the fish home and make a fire using dried coconut shells and dried woods. It is poor style grilling. Oh, I still can't get over with the aroma of fresh grilled fat and oily sardines and it's delicious taste especially when dipped in hot and spicy soy sauce and paired with cold rice or boiled banana.