Is My Man So In Love With Me?

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I happened to hop on a site named YourTango, a smart talk about Love that answered the post title. The article having a title "10 Signs He's Smitten" caught my interest which I am sharing with you right now. This is for the lovers or for those couples who are currently in a dating status and of course to married couples. This article is to check if your man is so into you or if he has a plan to take your relationship to the very serious level. So, here are the 10 signs he's smitten:

1. He talks you up to all his friends. If you're meeting his friends for the first time and they already know your entire life history -- not to mention your favorite movie, ice cream flavor, and guilty pleasure song -- chances are he's hooked on you, and has probably been suffering major harassment at the hands of his buddies in the name of love. (Yeah, he's totally whipped.)

2. He enjoys doing the most mundane activities with you. Laundry. Running errands. Napping. Shoe shopping. Congratulations, you're the most boring couple ever. (Kidding!) But when he acts like the most routine, everyday activities are confetti-filled barrels of fun -- because you're doing them together -- there's definitely something there.

3. He'd rather talk to you than watch the latest episode of "24"... at least for now. If he shuts down his BlackBerry, Xbox, or most recently scheduled World of Warcraft raid so that he can give you his undivided attention, don't doubt his devotion. Most women would kill to command that sort of attention at later points in their relationships.

4. He's not afraid to say, "I love you." In fact, he willingly says it in front of both friends and family, and doesn't balk at PDAs either.

5. He misses you. Always. He texts and/or emails regularly to say that he was "thinking about you" or "just wanted to say hi." Even a "hey, what's up?" speaks to the depths of the pain he feels when you're not around. And if he can't let a day go by without a phone chat? You're gonna have a tough time getting rid of this one.

6. He takes it for granted that you have a future together.  He says "we" instead of "I" and talks about your future together as if it's a given. "When you meet my sister you'll see what I mean" or "My birthday was boring this year. We'll have to do something fun next year." He may not have mentioned marriage, but he's definitely thinking long-term.

7. He goes the extra mile. He surprises you with candy buttons because he knows they're your fave. He puts gas in your car or unloads the dishwasher, completely unsolicited. They're not grand gestures, but he's making an obvious attempt to do something special for you. Men and women speak different languages when it comes to romance, but when he does something nice for you without being asked, he's trying. And that speaks volumes.

8. He can't get over how beautiful you are. If you keep catching him sneaking peeks at you from across the room, he's totally a goner.

9. He picks you over the boys. His friends are hitting up the local nightclub? Well... he'd rather spend the night in with you and your latest Netflix picks. They're going to see his favorite basketball team? Well... hmm... lemme think about... what!? Of course I'd rather spend time with you, honey. Yes, he's smitten.

10. He's willing to be a total mush. As evidenced by the mixed CD he made for your "month-aversary," complete with cutesy album title and hand-drawn cover art, and accompanied by a carefully chosen card containing five long paragraphs on why he's grateful you're a part of his life.

Now that you are done reading, what can you say? Were you nodding too like I did while you were reading? If you are then congratulations, you are with a serious man, a man that is so in love with you! 
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