My Eyeglasses Retires

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I have been using eyeglasses for more than two years now. My eyeglasses had served me very well within those years. It helped me see clearer letters when I was reading and eased my eyes’ pain and headache when my eyes were overused. Sometimes, when peripheral vision problem occurs, when one of my eye sights, particularly my right eye sight gets blurry compared to my left, it helped me recover. Lately though, I noticed that it is ready to retire from its service. It is no longer helping me to have clearer vision when reading and wearing it even caused me headache. I might have to give it up and get a new one.
I read about this online eyeglasses store that is known for its durable and affordable eye wears. It is actually the most talked online eyeglasses store everywhere in the Internet. I am thinking, I got my eyeglasses for $30 from an optical clinic here in the City yet I can get a progressive eye wear from this online eyeglasses store at a lower price, as low as $8. Many have already tried its eyewear’s affordability and durability which they’ve enjoyed for many years. Reading about good reviews from real people who have tried their eye wears made me think of getting one of their affordable eye wears. I only need to get my eyes examined again and request my PD from my eye doctor and present it to this online eyeglasses store to be able to purchase a perfect updated eye wear for me. Now, I am very much tempted!