Who's Your Bet?

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One fun thing that hubby and I share with each other is betting on sports that are aired on TV. We watch our favorite sports on TV and make a bet on sports like boxing, football, billiard, baseball, volleyball and some winter sports. Lately, we added hockey game for both men and women’s for betting for I got interested on it after watching it on TV during the Olympics 2010 held in Vancouver, Canada just recently. How I wish we were really there watching the winter Olympics personally. Hopefully, hubby and I will be able to watch live sports together like being in a stadium and do our secret betting.

You may find it boring but it is a lot of fun for both of us because of the punishments we set when our chosen team or individual will be defeated. I was already punished to do the general cleaning, cooking and washing dishes for a week without hubby’s help. Hubby was also punished to finish all the laundry including the curtains and the couch covers in just one day. So it is really fun and we both like it. We don’t do it everyday though, just twice a week.

Anyway, we did our bet already for the year’s first big event - the Pacman vs. Clottey big fight this coming March 15. Who’s your bet?

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