Chizka's First Attempt To Climb On Stairs

posted by Rechie L on


During Chizka's first 3 days with us, she's usually carried by me or by hubby when we go up and down the stairs. We could feel her trembling body by carrying her up and down. She seemed scared that she might fall down the stairs. When days passed, she gets too curious with the new things in the new place around her. One of the things that got her curiosity was the stairs. She kept eying on it everytime we are downstairs watching TV or having dinner. She must be thinking why can't she do it. One night, she tried to climb the stairs and hubby and me were just watching her. 
I can sense in this picture how scared she was.

The determined Chizka finally up there. Now, she looked back and check how she did it or how tall the stairs were.

Ok gurl, strike a pose first before you continue your journey upstairs!

Help me down please!!! 

Fine, I can use some time to think.

Before we went to bed, Chizka made it upstairs. To her excitement, she came up and down the stairs several times. She was exhausted that she fell asleep faster that night.