Chizka's Sleeping Spot

posted by Rechie L on


This is where Chizka sleeps during daytime. This is during I iron and fold the clean clothes. I usually iron 5-10 clothes everyday around 2-3 in the afternoon, that is when we have washed or cleaned clothes. Then I sleep after that. I Yeah, I am lazy and so as my Chizka. When I iron and fold the clothes, she is there with me too watching until she slowly falls asleep on the carpet. She just don't want to be alone plus she likes to be in an air conditioned room. 

During night time, of course, she is sleeping on the bed with us. That right there, in the photo above, is her sleeping place beside me. And she knows that it's her place. That's how smart she is. When we put her in bed, it means play time for a few and then bed time. Plus, she is not allowed to pee. When she wants to pee, she simply barks at us and then we take her outside to pee. 
You are not too camera shy girl. 

Above are more photos of here catching sleep. She is just so cute and very lovable. For me, she is always a good view to capture or I am just too happy to have her. I actually have more photos of her sleeping but I will upload it next time. I have to get my early breakfast here now and I need check on my sleeping babies (hubby and Chizka).