Couple's Corner: Favorite Place, Why?

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Rodliz’s Nest

I asked hubby about this topic and his favorite place, he said, is in my arms because it’s warm and he feel safe and loved. Likewise honey!

Favorite Place to Dine:

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CLS Food Plaza Dipolog

But if we are asked where our favorite place to eat is, our answer is CLS Food Plaza. Just tonight, hubby picked our order there, a platter of their pork fried rice and fish fillet with tar sauce for our dinner. We like that place because the waiters are friendly and alert although the especial orders take so long which doesn’t bother us too much. The foods are pretty delicious, very filling. It was the first restaurant that we dined during my husband’s first visit here in Dipolog City. We keep coming back there when I don’t feel like cooking. For almost 3 years of being their regular customer, we are very used to the place already. Plus we both like the location. It is located near the sea so we get fresh air while dining.

Favorite Places to Shop:

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Friendly Mart is where we get our meats. We both like getting meats from Friendly Mart because it sells good and fresh meats and it has everything you need, from bacon to steaks. 

When it comes to major shopping, from house tools, kitchen wares, clothing, gadgets, shoes, intimate products, school stuffs and some, Lee Plaza is the place we love to go. If sometimes we feel like strolling around, bond and kill time, we go to Lee Plaza too.