Humor Me Makoy's Contest: I Seriously Need to go _ _ _!

posted by Rechie L on


I've been a follower of all Makoy’s Blogs. I even subscribed all his blogs via email so I’ll be notified of his latest posts especially his raves and rants that would surely bring a smile on the lips to his readers. I may not read all his blog posts but I do read and leave comments to some of it. Lately, I received invitation from him to join his humor contest. And being a procrastinator as I am, it took me 3 days before this contest ends to post my entry. So, I was inspecting through his old posts to find the most humorous post he has, the post entitled The Christmas Party Story caught my attention. It’s a story about celebrating a different kind celebration with different people, far from the kind of celebration he have experienced back to his home land. Thanks goodness there was an exchange gift though, or else Makoy would think of flying home for Christmas. Lol. Ok, why I found this story funny? If you haven’t read this post yet, let me tell you why. I found this post funny because during the exchange gift, of all the numbers Makoy has to pick, he picked the number of his own gift!

I have also a funny story (for me, I don’t know if it is for you) to tell that happened last year in a party where hubby and I were invited. Oh no, it’s not a Christmas party but a 1st birthday party of our friends’ (Filipina and American couple) son. When you think about 1st birthday, it has to be the most extravagant among any birthday celebrations in our lives for it is the very first birthday. I remember, aside the foods on the buffet and roasted pigs; they as well hired Jollibee catering service with a mascot for the kids’ amusement. I even stroked a pose with the mascot.

So there were lots of foods including roasted pigs, side dishes, cakes and desserts.  And me who was drooling over the foods tasted all that was served on the buffet especially the desserts. Now my mouth is watering. Hubby and I usually use one plate only for the both of us when we go to a party but that day we had separated plates. After satisfying myself with the foods, I started chitchatting with our friends – my co-foreigner’s wives and the husband as well had a fun conversation over their bottles of beer. In the middle of the party though, I felt something bad inside that I needed to let out. My husband noticed that something was wrong with me through my reaction and reflection on my face. He asked me if I was ok but I answered I wanted us to go home in a stern and final voice. He was asking for explanation as to why I wanted to go home all of sudden in the middle of the fun yet he didn’t get an answer. In his knitted brows he said “ok, let’s go home.” The rest of our friends were all puzzled.

We were both silent on our way home. He knows that when I am silent, I am mad of somebody who is bad mouthing on me and on us wherever we are and I don’t like discussing it on the road.  When we arrived home, just as when we rode off the bike, he held my hands and asked in a cool and patient voice “what is wrong with you this time?” I answered, “Baby, I seriously need to go poo!” and rushed to the bathroom. The next day, when we had our usual Filipina-Foreigner couples gathering, the wives asked me “what was wrong with you on the party?”