I Got A New Computer Monitor

posted by Rechie L on


I got a new computer monitor yesterday as a replacement to my 2 years old broken monitor. Yes, broken, after I broke it with my punches. Lol. I was frustrated because the lag was really freaking me and worst, after long hours of waiting for my page to show up, the monitor went all white. The impatient me waited for about 30 minutes yet nothing happened. It's when I decided to totally trash it for it is of no use no more. It's understandable though, it had been with me for more than 2 years and it served its purpose on me very well. So yesterday, hubby got me a new one.  

Hubby got me a Samsung brand this time, my old one is Acer.
Same with my old monitor, flat screen and 

17" wide screen.

I still have its plastic on. Just being extra careful with this new monitor. It's always like that when having new things, I am afraid to get it dirty wish ashes since I smoke in front the computer. The ashed wall is enough.