CC: Meet Our Mothers

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Rodliz’s Nest

I missed few topics in Couple's Corner. I am so sorry for that sis Liz. I visited Liz's page of Couple's Corner today and found out the topic is all about mothers and I don't want to miss the topic for you all to know the women who brought us (hubby and me) to this world. 

I would like you to meet first my beloved mother, as seen on the photos above. She is Eugenia Javier Lopez, 46 years old, turning 47 this August. Despite her quite old age, my mama likes the color pink but her favorite color is green. Our house shows her love for 'green'.  She likes wearing fit or body-hugging shirts and blouses even though she has 1 big layer of fat on her belly. She likes wearing skinny jeans as well and know what, she has pink and purple skinny jeans. You can't beat my mother when it comes to bags, she has lots in hercloset which she brags she bought from Ukay2x. Well, our mama is the coolest mother ever. One fun memory I can't forget back when I was young was drinking chilled sweet coconut wine and coke with her. I was my mother's sidekick in our store. Every night, after doing some accounting on how much we've earned, she would prepare a chilled sweet coconut wine mixed with coke for a good night sleep. Oh yeah, it was very effective. I love you Ma!

Now meet Gary's mom, my beloved mother in law. She was former Vickie Wilks and now Vickie Fisher after she remarried to her new husband which is in the photo above with her. She just had her birthday last month. She is a very sweet and religious person. Although I haven't meet her yet and we are only contacting each other through emails, I can sense she is a very good mother through her every written words. She accepted me as her daughter right after Gary announced he was going to marry me. She is even the one who contacted me first and welcomed me to her family. I can't wait to see her and tell her how thankful I am for bringing Gary into this world to meet me. I love you Mom!