Dedicated Server Is What You Need

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Have you heard about dedicated server or often marketed as dedicated hosting? Dedicated server is a type of Internet hosting in which you lease an entire server all for yourself giving you a much better web performance unlike the typical shared hosting where you share the server with other users. Dedicated server allows you to have the full control over the server including the operating system of your choice, the hardware, disk space, bandwidth and other vital resources needed.

There are two categories of dedicated servers you can choose: managed and unmanaged hosting. Manage hosting is mostly chosen by costumers who only have little skills when it comes to server administration or those who lack the time needed to run the dedicated server efficiently. Unmanaged server, on the other hand, is for those who have experience in server administration, time and resources needed because they shoulder the general maintenance of the server.

Are you tempted of switching to dedicated server now? This hosting solution can offer a larger return on investments but one thing you should know though, before deciding to switch from shared hosting to dedicated server is that the latter is more expensive. This kind of web hosting is good for those who have outgrown the shared hosting environment and now needed a more flexible, secure and a more reliable hosting service for their growing business.

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