I Wish To Be Called Mommy!

posted by Rechie L on ,


For 3 years, I’ve been very content in living a life having everything I’ve wished for except this one wish that is not fulfilled yet. I consider it as the grandest for it's like asking a life from God. It is one wish that if fulfilled, can as well fulfill the grandest wish of my beloved husband. That is to have a baby and become a mother. It is what most women wished for, for it completes their essence of womanhood.

Me and Chizka, my baby for now

I know I am not alone. There are some married women out there who are still anticipating for her first born after many years of marriage. Worst, some women cannot be pregnant and can no longer be called a mother of her real flesh and blood. I am one of those married women who have been wishing to bear a life inside their womb and bring it out to see and experience the beautiful world.

I have endured lots of pain of every disappointment along with my husband yet I never lost hope, we never lost hope. We know we will become parents in God’s time.