Where Is Chizka's New Favorite Place To Sleep?

posted by Rechie on


Huh? Chizka has a new favorite place to sleep? Where is it this time Chiz? Well, I know and I am not going to reveal it this time. Lol! I know she's done sleeping on my leather travelling bag now. She is actually done asking forgiveness for ruining it by giving me her sad and innocent face. Lol! She kept biting on it and now that travelling bag of mine has little holes everywhere plus the handle is detached by her bites and can no longer be repaired. My bag handle is now her toy. She is just too adorable to be beaten though. Hubby said, with Chizka I can contol my temper and keep my patience. 

Are you ready for the little game?
Clue: Hairy dogs like Pomeranian seek for cold places to sleep but they as well seek for warmth and comfort throughout the night.

Clue: Chizka on the bed getting ready to sleep. Hubby is starting to get jealous because Chizka is taking almost all my attention almost all of his place.

Anyway, i'll wait for this Thursday to post a picture of Chizka in her actual favorite place because I am thinking of a little game for those who care. These pictures above are clues for the first commenter who can guess a correct guess to the post title. The first commenter that can give me a correct guess will receive 1000 ec credits, if not entrecard user, ill give 1 month ad space. The duration of this little game is only until Thursday at 12 noon, Philippine time. If no one can give me the correct guess, the very first commenter of this post will receive the little award. I hope you'll join this little game.