Couple's Corner: Hubby As A Son

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It is nice to be back in Couple's Corner again. I was not participating the past topics because I had nothing to share about motherhood since I am not a mother yet. And being a mother I guess will remain as an unfulfilled wish for me because I had my period last month after the 5 days delayed. I really thought and hoped I was pregnant. Anyway, the topic today is for hubby and how he was/is being a son. I only have a limited info to share here but this surely be good enough. 
(hubby with mom and sis)

My husband has his own share of colorful childhood too like other children but not when he turned 10 years old for it was when his dad died by heart attack. His dad used to take him to his dad's work place but in that particular day, his dad refused to take him. It was that particular day that his dad had a heart attack while driving and died right inside his car. So yes, hubby didn't able to bond and grow up into a man with dad. Since his dad died, his life was never the same.
(hubby with family and friends during one of his vacays)

Without his dad, he learned how to live his life in his own way. He grew up a bad boy and became a bully in school just to let his anger out. He was angry at Someone he was not supposed to be angry with. He became his mom's headache. He was lost and was seeking for a dad's love and guidance which was impossible. When he entered the military at the age of 18, it's when he was able to see the brighter side of the world. It turned him into a better person and made him realize that there are other people who was still there with him ready to give love.

For now, as to what I see from my husband being my parent's son in law, he is very supportive, polite and caring to them. 
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