First Five Concert Tickets Wasted

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Last Saturday, June 19, 2010, was the scheduled First Five 2010 concert tour here in Dipolog City.It was held in Dipolog National High ground. It was said to start at 7:00 P.M. We had 5 concert tickets  plus another 3 VIP tickets reserved. Why? My brother brought 4 tickets home before lunch on the 19th. He spent few hours to collect cups  of 5years Tanduay Rhum to have it all exchanged into tickets. 10 cups is equivalent to a VIP ticket. So he brought home 4 tickets for the four of us; me, my husband, brother and our youngest sister. 

Lunch time came, my sister went home from her class and she as well got a ticket from their school given by their instructor. She said that each students in their class received a ticket so it was possible that all the students in their school campus got a ticket. By that thinking, hubby hesitated to go. He had a feeling the concert venue will be packed with people. I had that feeling too but we decided to take a risk. I would like to let hubby see Filipino bands as well. A group that he likes actually is Sandwich while mine is Chicosci. 
The First Five Bands
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Hubby was right. Right on the gate when we arrived, countless of people were there falling in line. And not just one line, several lines. As in the people were like river currents that flow down forever. We already heard music when we arrived around 8 something. So the concert may have really started at seven. So, back to the line, we did fall in the lines with the rushing people who were trying to be the first .We were following the  steps of those who are ahead of us and defending ourselves from the pushes of those behind us. That was darn exhausting and suffocating experience. In the middle of the line, we, except my brother decided to go back home and relax.