CC: What Are Our Talents?

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It is time to gather together at Couple’s Corner again. This time we will be talking about talents. So here is my share:

Hubby’s talents:
Living with my husband for almost 3 years, I noticed that he possesses few skills which I considered as his talents. First is his being a number geek. It seems like adding, multiplying, subtracting and dividing numbers is a game for him while to me is a headache without the help of a calculator. Next is his green thumb. He loves it in the garden and the garden loves him.

When we started talking about our dream home last year, he drew a house plan complete with area measurements; the length, the width, the centimeters and square meters that blown my brain away. The house plan he drew is quite comparable to the house plans we found. He could have been an architect or an engineer if he didn’t choose to become a soldier.

I guess I should not count how well I can dance on a balance beam. Lol. That was many years ago when I was still a gymnast, a talent that have given me athletic legs that I hate so much at the present. So okay, I first impressed my husband with my talent in singing. It was unintentional. I didn’t really believe I have that talent until my husband told me so after singing “Take My Breath Away” in a first videoke place we went to during his first visit here in Dipolog. So I guess I really have it too and not just my siblings. I know my siblings sing well most especially Cheem.

My husband admired me also for my determination to learn new skills on my own. He even called me quick witted because I learn fast. I have this attitude that once I get interested learning something that I want to learn, I don’t stop as in I don’t sleep until I can perfect it. One example is this template making for blogger blog. I will not sleep until it is done perfectly.