CC: When I Am Out and He Is In

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Rodliz’s Nest

During the first two years of marriage, we are like geckos who are sticking with each other wherever we go. We are like tied or chained to each that we cannot go anywhere without each other. Even when only going to a convenient store, shopping groceries, buying coke in the bakeshop few steps away from the house, we are together. He just didn’t like going out the house without me and I didn’t like going out the house without him either. That’s how overacting we were.

But after two years of marriage, to date, I can leave the house and go visit my parents in my hometown alone. With his permission of course and a promise that I will be a good girl. He is now allowing me to hang out with my high school batch mates and friends; the only people he allows me to hang out with because he knows them already. When it comes to me hanging out at the bar to party, even when I am with my high school friends, it is a big NO to him. For him, that’s the thing that we should go together and party together, which is very fine with me.

When I am at my parents, I would just call him, or he would just call me to check each other if we are doing ok. Calling him the moment I arrive at my hometown is a must so he knows I am ok. While him, being left alone in the house, most of his time is on the Internet playing his online games. His games can make him occupied and busy until night time.One day is not enough to play all his games, actually. When he is bored, he would just watch TV, feed the dog, and cook his food or he’ll simply take out foods from the restaurant near the house and go back home and eat. That all he does when alone. Oh no, he does not touch any chores, he'll wait for me to do it when I get back. What is that? A punishment for me for leaving him alone. Hmpp!?  I still love him though. I know my husband is a good boy and he knows I am good girl, so there is trust. 

Well yes, gone are our geckos’ days. We are now used of doing some, just some of our own thing alone but it doesn’t mean that our magic is gone. It is still there and we are trying each and every day to keep that magic. Have a great day everyone!