Couple's Corner: When We Are Sick

posted by Rechie L on


Rodliz’s Nest

When I get sick like having a fever, I always remember what my mother taught me, “sweat”. So whenever I feel sick, I do general house cleaning like scrubbing the floor, dusting the furniture, washing laundry and etc. When I still don’t sweat enough and done doing all the cleaning, I then drink several cups of plain hot water. I feel better once I sweat. My husband would just shake his head of disbelief saying I should be resting.

The only sickness that can’t move me is when my Bartholin’s gland swells or called Bartholin’s cyst. It hurts so much to stand up, walk and even with little movements on my lower body. That’s when hubby takes care of me including cooking my food and spoon feeding me while I am lying down on the bed. So far, that’s the serious sickness I get once or sometimes twice a year that my husband needs to take care of me.

When it comes to my hubby, well he is like a baby. Even having simple sickness like colds, cough, headache and body pains, he whines. He would rest for a day when he is sick. Taking care of him includes me massaging his whole body and cooking for our food which I usually do even when he isn’t sick.