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Sorry guys if I was not able to blog hop last night and will not be able to blog hop today. I woke up with hang-over and still having some few effects of alcohol in me. I was in my hometown last night because Analou (in checkered blue collard top), a friend from Manila came home to hang out with us, her batch mates. It's been a long 8 years since the last time she hanged out with us so that night we really had a blast. She took us out to eat and drink and then eat again. She bought two cases of red horse beer that made some of us wasted, including me. Here are some photos taken last night:
Sorry about the bad photos. My phone camera sucks.

I went back here in Dipolog around two in the morning. Yep, hubby scolded me for a few. I don't blame him for that. Seeing your wife coming home late at night and drunk, oh yeah I understand. Plus I was not able to call him all night long. It was all good though, I had fun with my friends, I share good laugh and deadly back stubbing with them. I had so much fun!


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