Two Special Rings in a Woman’s Life

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To all married and engaged women, do you still remember that very moment when your beloved man popped that magical question of commitment to be his partner for life while holding a ring of engagement in hand? That ring was the stepping stone to a married life, the key to be able to use your man’s name. Perhaps you didn’t notice how glittery that ring was in his hand the moment he popped the question but that ring was special, for it surely picked vigilantly by him among the many engagement rings in a store.
After the engagement then came the wedding. Along with is choosing the final special ring in a woman’s life. That ring may be picked by the groom himself to surprise his bride or by both the bride and the groom. In my case, it was my husband who had our diamond wedding bands made. It was custom made for he didn’t like the wedding bands that were displayed in that particular jewelry shop plus I have a very little ring finger. Well, a wedding band should fit your finger or else it’ll come off after you say I do. Therefore, wedding bands should be chosen carefully for those are special and you will be wearing it though out your marriage. It should meet your taste and should last forever.