Hubby Cooks and Some of His Real Foods

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Yes he does and I am so proud of him for that. The last food he cooked for us before he left Philippines was pork soup. I didn't know how he did it but it was good and I missed it. I took pictures of the pork soup that he cooked but those were stored on my Desktop's mother board (for now I am using a Toshiba laptop -with broken screen- as my CPU using my external monitor. I will post those pictures once it get my desktop's CPU working.

For now, I would like to share the latest picture of hubby that was taken by his sister which his sister herself  sent the picture to me. It's a picture of him frying the fish, his grandpa's fresh catch. Well, hope you won't mind the crazy face. Lol 

Hubby is currently staying at her sister's house since his mom is way far. They visited her though but forgot about taking pictures which is fine. I know he misses his mom so much and was so excited to see her to remember of taking pictures for he haven't seen her for many years.

Hubby's sister also sent me some photos of foods they feast over when hubby arrived. His sister is kinda cool. We've talked through emails and on yahoo and I do like her humor. Anyway, here are the photos she sent to me: 
She said she cooked all these as she doesn't like other people in the house cook for them. except this one time when hubby insisted to deal with their supper. The first two pictures she said are pork and chicken enchalada. You also see a bowl of rice with tomatoes in the middle. That's hubby's. Yep, he likes rice now. The last picture is a keylime pie which she said hubby have eaten all. He misses his real foods, eh? Lol.