Hubby's First Photo At His Sister's House

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I felt so relieved after hearing from hubby yesterday that he made it safely to his sister's house. I was truly worried while he was on his trip for it was a long and tiring trip of about 20 hours. I kept on checking  his arrival time, the time difference and my email as I was anticipating for his email. I didn't even sleep at all the night before he arrived in Tulsa.  I am just glad I got an email from  him about 2 hours after he arrived at his sisters house saying he was there safe and sound but tired. 

And early today at 5 am, Philippine time, hubby and I talked again and he sent me this picture of him below taken at his sister's house. This is the first photo he sent to me taken by his sister from the day we parted.    

He looks gwapo (handsome) as always. I am so happy he sent me a photo of him. That way I can still feel he is with me. I miss him more now, more and more each day actually. But I believe, we will be together, in God's time.