Boggle Me Thursday 12

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It's been a while since I last participated the boggle game. I thought of joining today because I kind of missing playing. Well now I miss my hubby. I used to ask him to help me finding the words. Ops, my cheating is now revealed. Anyway, here are the words I found from the board today:
line  bit  bin  bile  lit  lean  slain  sane  lane  any  lip  rip  
tip  trip  pail  pails  pane  panel  tin  nit  nip  pie pin  pan 
pen  peal  pea  peas  yen  Nile  pile  pine  lap pal pals  slap

Words found after 3 minutes:
lair  pair  bile  tile  rip  ripe  ripen  sap  nap  
nape  bias  leap  trial  trials  pain  peals  sail  
yea  yeas  lain  slip  slit  plan  plane  lie

These are the only words I found. Come and join with me, you might found more words. Click on the little Boggle badge above to join.

1 comment