CC: I Will Do It Tomorrow

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It's been a long time since I last participated the conversation in Couple's Corner. I kind of missing it but I was not inspired lately to write something about my married life. Well, were in a war zone recently and I was depressed with family problem I've been facing.
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Anyway, the topic today caught my attention because I have a few to write about or more likely to complain about. (Peace baby, I still love you!) I am not making this post long so I better start now.

1. Painting walls. Two months after we moved in here in our little abode, hubby decided to change the paint on the living to kitchen wall which he did but didn't able to finish until now. Well, he kept saying he'll finish painting tomorrow.
2. Washing Dishes. here are times when hubby would represent himself to wash the dishes after meal but everytime he represents himself I end up washing it before I go to bed. 
3. Paying bills. Hubby sometime set paying bills aside that's why sometimes we end up receiving notice of disconnection. 

There are few more things that hubby needs or represents himself to do yet setting aside after a minute like fixing the water pipes in the bathroom and kitchen which I've taken care of lately. That or he is being forgetful. When he says "I will do it tomorrow" or "I will finish it tomorrow", all I can say is "Yeah right!" silently. I know I set things aside and tell him "I'll do it tomorrow" too.