Helping My Brother With His Reaction Paper

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Finally, the final examinations will soon be over. For the meantime, I can breath fresh air not thinking about  when will be the next tuition payment. But before final exams, students are given loads of projects to be passed on the exact deadline. One is a reaction paper. Today, my brother asked me to help him with his reaction paper. So, to help him, I asked him to read the articles on the reading material given to him and write down his own answers to the question below the articles then later I'll do the editing. 

So here is his. I did my best to edit the spelling and grammatical errors (I know I am not that good either) but the main thought is his. The question is "If you were the master of the vessels which met tragic accidents, what precautions you are supposed to make?"
In times of tragic accidents on voyage, first thing that we can think of is to save our life but if I were the master of the vessel which met tragic accidents, I should think of saving the lives of the passengers also and hopefully the vessel by making precautions. I am more familiar of the Titanic disaster. In the case of Titanic, base on what I’ve seen on the movie, one major life threat during that voyage was the freezing weather causing iceberg. Also, there were insufficient numbers of lifeboats loaded on the vessel. Therefore, only few people were saved. I could have asked more life boats since asking the passengers to wear life jackets and jump off the boat to save their selves won’t help. Indeed the cold sea water temperature could kill one’s life in about 15 minutes due to Hypothermia (a condition in which core temperature drops below 35.0 °C). 

About the SS WILHELM GUSTLOFF cruise ship, if I were the master of the vessel, I was surely in trouble because I was dealing with a watercraft that can independently operate below the sea water surface. Submarine can attack silently not being seen. I think, lifeboats and life jackets would be useful.

Different sea disaster has different reasons. But whatever reasons are, being the master of the vessel, I would strongly advice myself first to stay calm, that way I can think of possible ways and ask for help right away in any means to save the passengers’ lives. I would also advice the crew to stay calm and stay alert and attentive to their duties. Lastly, there should be enough lifeboats and life jackets basing on all passengers head counts.
I hope this can help stretch his marks and pass. I wish him luck! Anyway, to my blogging friends, thanks for all your visits. I know I've neglected my blogs lately. Well, I am hoping to be back on track. Have a nice day/evening to you all!