What's Up With Chizka?

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Chizka is turning 1 year old this December 30. I can't believe how time flies so fast that my little turd is now getting older. I anticipated for her 2nd heat cycle because by that time, I'll let her mate so she'll get pregnant. It would be a lot of work and worst, it'll be sensitive to take care of a pregnant dog. I haven't experienced taking care of a pregnant dog. I was very young when I witnessed our dog gave birth to about 5 or 6 puppies before.and that that time I didn't understand what was going on let alone being assigned to take care a dog.
Anyway, however sensitive it will be I will definitely carry the task of taking care my Chizka during her pregnancy in the future. I really do hope she can give me even about four puppies so I can sell them and earn profit. Lol. Well, I only want to see how Chizka's babies would look like. There is a pure-breed Pomeranian here in the neighborhood (actualy Chizka's dad) and its owner was enthusiastic about the idea of having 75% Pomeranian puppies. Do you think it is okay?