CC: Why Bad Habits Are Hard To Break?

posted by Rechie L on


Rodliz’s Nest

I wonder it myself too. Why do bad habits are so hard to break by the way? Maybe because we are used of doing it already for a very long time and doing it is a part of our everyday life. Well, I think though that not really all bad habits are so hard to throw away. There are some of my bad habits I was able to stop in a snap and some took me sometime.

As for my husband and I, there is this bad habit we both have or do that we find so hard to break right away. And that is smoking. Yes baby, I was not able to handle the smoke withdrawal yesterday. I just started smoking yesterday when waking up with all my dog's BS. It's just too hard to fight smoke withdrawal that everytime I am stressed, I am tensed and pissed off, it is the stick of Marlboro Gold I am craving for to keep me calm. Hubby and I both agreed that we will slowly throw away this bad habit. We will slowly ignore the cancer stick and have a healthy life but it will take us quite sometime to be totally smoke-free. I hope we will be able to totally break this bad habit.