Couple's Corner: Good Habits That Will Never Change

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How many Wednesdays did I missed? Quite a lot. Well, I am back again at Couple's Corner. I am quite lucky this week for the theme is about good things, as in good habits that will never change. Lucky enough to keep the bad habits (that were not told yet) for myself. Lol!

Anyway here are the good habits of mine that I think will never change.
  1. Tidying the bed before reading my book. When I read, I prefer to sit on the bed and comfortably lay my back on the pillow so when the bed is a mess, I would tidy it first. I can't concentrate on my reading when I see clutter around. I usually read (currently reading The Dark Elf trilogy) around 10 to 12 midnight when my computer sleeps. 
  2. Washing the dishes and cleaning up the sink before cooking. I do not know why but I do not like cooking when I see dirty plates on the sink. It bothers me. It's like a pain in my eyes. 
  3. Being weak when it comes to family. What I mean here is when they ask something, it is so hard for me to say no or it hurts me when I turn them down. They always trigger the soft spot in my heart because I love them so much. I only have them to run to and so they have me. 
  4. If saying I Love You to a person is a habit then I guess it is included. The person I mean here is my husband. Whether through phone call, YM chat, email or in person I say I love him! That line is always mentioned many times in our conversation. 
Okay, I think that's all. I have more bad habits that good so there you go!

As for hubby's, living with him in roof for about three years I did notice some good habits that will never change.
  1. Tucking me in at night with good night kisses. Whenever I decide to sleep earlier than him, he would leave whatever he is doing just to tuck me in bed with good night kisses and sweet dream wishes. I love it!
  2. Asking me to drink water. Sometimes I get tired of hearing it but I know it is for my own good. It's just that I am not a big fan its blah taste. I drink water with powdered juice, chocolate, milk or coffee but since he keeps repeating the importance of water in the body I drink it. Sometimes it's funny when I complain of having headache, he would say "go drink a glass of water". Hmnn, headache medicine eh?
  3. Watering the plants in the morning or at night or gardening in general. When most women in the neighborhood do it, in our household it is hubby that do the garden. That includes watering the flowers and cutting the grass. I do water the plants though, just sometimes. Now that he is not here, I water the plants, especially the orchids for he loves them.
  4. Not going out to party with friends without me. My husband drinks alcohol but it doesn't bother him drinking alcohol inside the house. When other husbands go out to party at night leaving their wives home, my husband is an exception. He rather chooses to get drunk with me inside our house than get drunk anywhere alone. That's what I admire in him so much. 
These are just some good habits my husband has but to be pair let me just stop right there. I wish you all a blessed Wednesday evening!

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