Furious With My Computer for 6 Hours

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Time check as of this very moment: 4:50

I've been fighting with my computer for about 6 hours. It kept shutting down on me even though I set its sleeping time to "never" already. I suspect there must be a problem with the battery pack. It might need replacement. Okay, for you not to wonder why I mentioned about battery pack, I am using my laptop as or served as the central processing unit  and plugged in an external monitor, mouse and keyboard on it. There is a memory problem with my personal computer causing it to load so slow so I have no choice but use my laptop since I don't use "waiting" that much. It's just not me. I am impatient!

So back to fighting with my computer for about 6 hours. Yep, for 6 hours I've been pressing the power button on the laptop and for 6 hours the laptop had been ignoring my every press. Being so impatient as I am, It got me so furious to think I was so excited to finish the job I received earlier. As expected, the laptop received few punches from me, just slightly hard punches. And oh, I ran to facebook to rant about my problem with the computer. Thanks facebook for being my listening ear, my punching bag and a shoulder to cry on during those furious moment. 

Well now obviously I got the computer working. I didn't sleep. I couldn't sleep. That's one thing you should know already about me. I don't sleep leaving a job hanging especially when it comes with a good price. Nah!. I've got to finish it so I can sleep straight and sound..and with a snile. So, here goes my early ranting. Good morning to y'all!

1 comment