I Pimp My Little Abode

posted by Rechie L on ,


I mentioned on my other site about me and youngest sister’s plan for the last weekend to redo the placement of my furniture or generally tidying my house but she decided to go home at the last minute because of our town’s Sinulog festival. She just couldn’t afford to miss the festival. Understanding a teen’s enthusiasm to festivals and her passion in dancing, I let her go. So I was left alone. I was randomly browsing online when I hopped on a site with photos of edinburgh apartments. I was hooked for a few by all the lovely apartment settings and then decided to do the tidying of my little abode all by myself. Why not? Since it is already inserted in my schedule, I thought of just doing it than messing my schedule up. Besides, my computer screwed up. It shut down on me few hours after I was left alone.

So above are photos of the living room. My unit is small so it was just easy; the cleaning and all. The divider is back leaning on the wall again to have a wider space even just a bit, which was formerly placed by the stairs. I changed the curtains too into new ones. I actually thought of putting on blinds but I didn’t found one here that I like. I cleaned my bedroom too and changed its settings. Now I move the bed by the door and have  my new corner by the small window used as my little office.

Looking at my tidied room now made me wonder how I did it myself. Well, I am glad I was able to peek on the photos of Edinburgh apartments for it inspired me. I started moving the things around 4:00 in the afternoon and finished around 12:00 midnight.