My Computer’s Abnormal Conduct Lately

posted by Rechie L on


It seems like my computer is slowly giving up on me. No, not the desktop but it’s the laptop (with broken screen) that’s behaving abnormally. These past few days, my laptop just shut down on its own once, sometimes twice a day. I got its sleeping time set at ten in the evening because it’s the time when I regularly go to bed or should I say the time when I force myself to hit the train to the dreamland. But lately, it shut down suddenly during daytime and it’s not nice when I am in the middle of doing my online tasks. It’s really making me mad. I already whined about this to hubby and that maybe it’s the battery pack screwing up or it needs replacement.

Well, it would be great to have this laptop replaced with a Tablet personal computer. Since I have a desktop computer, giving this laptop up would be alright. Besides, Tablets are convenient to use and can be taken anywhere. One thing that’s stopping me from giving up this laptop though is the sentimental value. It is the laptop that hubby was using when he first met me online. It was our bridge before hubby handed it down to me three years ago. Counting, this is my second Toshiba laptop. But with this laptop’s abnormal behavior lately, I might have to let it go. Plus, the screen is still broken. I already took it to a repair shop to have its screen fixed but they backed out saying the interior of the lid where the screen is attached is surrounded by risky chemical element. They suggested me to buy a new one instead.


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