Tabasco, Hot Like No Other

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This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

Tabasco, this small yet tremendously hot chili pepper is the main ingredient in the famous Tabasco Original Red pepper sauce, which was the very first sauce introduced back in 1868 by McIlhenny family. Tabasco Pepper sauce continuously heating up people’s senses nowadays to give them an idea of a real Tabasco hot pepper. Oh, how I love real hot pepper on my pizza! Talking about this just made me crave for American hot pizza at Circus Cafe. The hot in that American Pizza was courtesy of TABASCO® Original Red pepper sauce, which made it tastier.

I mentioned before in my previous post about how saddened I was when I knew that my favorite pizza house, Circus Cafe in the city had totally closed. It is the only pizza house hubby and I loved among the many pizza houses here. It’s the only pizza house we constantly visited after our first try of their American Hot Pizza. Aside from being friends with the owners of that favorite pizza house of ours, it was the Tabasco heat in pepper sauce they used in the pizza we missed and craved about that never we missed a visit or two every week. I used to munch that pizza too on the cheerer’s bench while watching hubby’s football game, which helped me a lot in giving hubby a "So Much More Than Hot" cheer.

The heat of Tabasco pepper sauce, most especially the original red is so much more than hot indeed but making you crave for more of its heat from every bite. It’s a heat like no other! I overheard one of the costumers in the Cafe asked of a pepper sauce substitute if ever they can’t find Tabasco Pepper Sauce in stores. Well, there is no substitute. Only Tabasco has that one-of-a-kind hot and spicy flavor made from simple combination of Tabasco peppers, vinegar, and salt aged for three years in oak barrels. So it is better to use Tabasco pepper sauce when you cook a dish that requires pepper sauce to enhance the taste. If you want to try cooking with Tabasco Pepper Sauce, check out some simple ideas and recipes at Game-Day Party Menu. For those who intensely craved for pizzas right now, visit Pizza Perfected to make your orders.
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1 comment