CC: Our First Sweet Moments

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It is time for love, love and love; it's almost Valentine's day. Well, this Valentine's day will be sad for me and hubby because we are oceans apart. Talking online or on the phone will not be enough to quench our thirst for each other but what else can we do? We have to deal the pain brought by the distance, well at least for now. 

So for the topic today at Couple Corner, the first sweet moments.

Our first sweet moments actually was when we started saying "I miss you" online. We didn't say "I Love You" to each other online, just "I miss you." I was shy to tell hubby that I loved him although I wanted to. Hey, I am girl and girls are not supposed to be aggressive. I had my pride...and still have, right baby? The word "I miss you" from him at that time already sounded like heaven to me. I think we started caring for each other then. I felt he cared for me especially when he started calling regularly on the phone before I go to bed for some sweet talk. 

The next sweet moments was when we personally met after 3 months of chatting online. It was Sept. 2, 2006. It's when he said he loves me. Everything I heard at that time was music, sweet music and I saw cheese everywhere. Lol! It is nice to reminisce those moments when I was quite a virgin Rechie who blushed easily with only a single smile from him, who turned head down giggling with his sweet gesture, who wholehearted said "thank you" with his every compliment and who got easily nervous with his gentle touch. 

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