Missed The Mayhem But Up to Chizka's New Leash

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I am sad I missed Monday Mayhem yesterday. I am beginning to like that meme to a higher level. I do hope I will not miss it again next Monday. I am also sad that I was not able to talk to hubby. Thanks baby for understanding, or should I say thanks for tolerating? I do love you, I always do. I was just really occupied yesterday because some of my batch mates came over. One of them is our class president back in high school so I had to attend and entertain them since us gathering together at my place only happens once in a blue moon. I had fun bonding with them. Well, I had free lunch, free drinks and I was able to catch up with them so it was really great. 

Anyway, I would like to share a picture of Chizka's new leash. It is not the frail rainbow-colored leash but a  stronger leash this time. I had to buy her a new one for she bit her old leash into strings. I chose red because it is almost Valentine's day. It is just right to give my little Chiz ball some love and to show it is to put her on a leash and take her to a stroll. Take a look at the snap below. 
Here goes my share for Ruby Tuesday today for the first time. I am looking forward to share with you a ruby again.


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