Cracks On The Floor

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I was a bit disappointed with the constructors’ job on our bedroom floor. I could say they didn’t do a good job in installing the tiles because after a few months, I already noticed cracks on some tiles. I wonder if we let them Install hardwood floor instead of tiles, would have it been better? Wouldn’t there be any cracks? I am pretty sure we got quality tiles as we, my husband and me, were the ones who hand-picked the tiles from one of the best tile and brick stores here in the city.

I could not put all the blame to the construction workers though. Maybe we were at fault too because we rushed them. We gave them a deadline to finish the job and it was not just the floor they worked on but also the terrace and the bay windows for downstairs and upstairs. We hurried the workers to finish the reconstruction before Christmas last 2009 because we were to celebrate Christmas here, which we didn’t able to. Although they didn’t totally finish the work on the given deadline, they did finish what was needed on Christmas season like the bedroom area and the windows. So instead of celebrating Christmas at our new reconstructed home, we decided on celebrating New Year instead. By that time, the reconstruction was completed.