Early Morning Craving: Halo-halo

posted by Rechie L on ,


I have a very weird craving at this early morning. It actually feels so cold. I am even shivering right at this very moment while typing on the keys for this post but for some reason I crave for halo-halo, a very cold one with lots of shaved ice.

Below are pictures of semi-special halo-halo that my sister and I shared two weeks ago. The purple yam under the shaved ice and the ice cream above topped with corn flakes are so inviting.

Take a closer look at the ingredients at the bottom. The pictures may look blah to you but I tell you, these halo-halos are heaven next to Chowking's. My sister and I have a favorite place to buy halo-halo, which is located by the boulevard. We always keep coming back to that particular place whenever we need cold treats. We love walking down the boulevard while munching the ice. This semi-special halo-halo costs 20.00 pesos per plastic glass. Affordable isn't it? This is perfect for those who want halo-halo to go and a free tour down Dipolog City boulevard.