FTF: Fish and Cheese Pie

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It's time for food trip again. I wasn't able to share something last week so here I am making it up with you. I promised in my previous post to share you the recipe of Fish and Cream pie that my youngest sister and I tried making last month. We adapted this from its original recipe, the Wellington style, which we got from an awesome cooking blog. I will share the link of that cooking blog here, later. For now, take a look at these pictures below.

What do you think of it? This is the outcome of my sister's final food chemistry exam. Imagine an 18 years old girl, who doesn't even tried cooking in our house ever since, cooked in front of the food critics in their school. Plus there were a cooking time limit. She did panicked but she got through and finished before the timer ticked.  As I mentioned, again in previous post, she got 84% out of 100. 

Here are the key ingredients:
Fish and cream cheese were used as the key ingredients. We did a twist from the original recipe and that twist is a secret. It will be for our future restaurant, very far future. Lol! So, instead of giving you our recipe, I'll give you the original one - Fish and Cream Pie, Wellington Style