Just Done Talking To Hubby

posted by Rechie L on


I am just done talking to superman a while ago. We talked about a change in our plan and whatever it is, it is between me and superman. But to give you a hint, that change of plan favored on my part. Although I've had a pile of tests lately (well, I still am), I could say I am victorious! Anyway, he's at his sister's. It was funny because while he was talking on the phone, his sister took stolen shots of him

Sister in law emailed me these photos right away after taking them. Sorry about the blurred photos. These were taken using SIL's phone, which she also uses to email me.

Here's her message on the email she sent together with the photo above:

This one is quite clear. I am glad she got a closer shot of him.
SIL's message along with this photo:

SIL sent these photos while hubby and I were talking. I am so fond of her because she gets funny at times. I am just glad that even though we haven't met in person yet, we get along very well. There'll be more talk between me and hubby here in a minute. I only asked for a break to Adgitize. LOL!