Abs-Cbn Summer Station ID and The Top Commenters

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The fun in Monday Mayhem today:

Dig up a celebrity inspired video and sign up on the linky for some fun!!!!!

Today's 3 Questions:

Q1. Do you think Twitter is taking over as the 'social media tool of the moment' (replacing Facebook who replace MySpace)? Yes, I have a feeling that twitter will be the next big thing in social networking. Although most of my friends prefer facebook yet but that is because they haven't discovered the use of twitter yet. I may be wrong and may be right so we'll see.

Q2. What are your thoughts on the one year anniversary of the Gulf Oil spill? Will they ever celebrate it? 

Q3. What combination of items, that people will sometimes use, should never be used in making a sandwich in your opinion? I think ketchup and ham. But as for me, I need almost everything that is used in making a sandwich like lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mayo and mustard. Of course, there should be meat too and it is the honey cured bacon that I like the most

For a video share, here is ABS-CBN Summer Station ID for 2011 (Abs-Cbn is my favorite Philippin TV station). I am anticipating for the coming of summer so I share this video with you. And since I am from the Philippines I thought of sharing you this video of Philippine artists so those who doesn't know can have an idea how artists from the Philippines look like.

And to acknowledge the people who love me the most last month - the people who left a lot of comments here in my blog last month, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Although I lost this blog's entrecard, I still have several visitors who visit here frequently and most importantly left dashes of lines on my post to share their insights. Without entrecard, I now have a lot of time to hop from blogs to blogs.

So, here are the list of this blog's top ten commentators last month.

RyHeAnNe (15)
genny (11)
anne (10)
Anne (9)
Dhemz (9)
Lainy (6)
reyapot (5)
Des (4)
Hazelicious929 (4)
niko (4)

Thank you so much my dears for taking time to read my post, for taking time to click the 'comment' link and for taking time to dash your insightful lines. Thanks a bunch! I wish to see you all again by the end of this month.