Shoot Me: 30 of 52

posted by Rechie L on ,


It's time for me to be in the picture. If you don't take a picture of me, I'll take a self shot. Lol! This is one of those nights when my younger sis and I play with the camera before sleeping.

This is what we do at night when the computer sleeps on us and when we run out of movies to watch, we'll take photos not to get ourselves bored. Here's another picture and this time I am with sis.
We look different don't we? My face was whiter for I got a facial night cream on and carmex cream for my chapped lips.
I don't know what came to our mind when we took this picture. I think I initiated it. I was checking the polish on my toe nails if it needs to re-polished but sister put her legs up too and so I took a picture of it. Darn, my legs are a lot shorter. Lol!

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