A Short Break To Write A Post

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Last night was a busy night for me. Well, when did I take a break anyway? Once I face the computer, i'll be doing my online thing nonstop as long as my computer allows me and as long as there's nothing important to do offline. Just like tonight, I witnessed a miracle for my computer didn't sleep so I had all the glory to wander online. If my sister didn't repeatedly say she's hungry around 12 midnight, I wouldn't stop. I forgot it was my turn to make a dinner last night because she made the lunch. Tsk, I didn't realized i'd been ignoring her and my household responsibility. 

Since it was 12 and I didn't feel like cooking, we just went to our version of mc'do here in the city: the 'mcdoko-doko' our fun name for the line of barbecue eateries at the boulevard. We went home right after we had enough fill on the belly. I am then back to my online thing, as usual. Obviously, I am still awake. I'll sleep later around 7 for I still have to talk to my superman. I am just done doing my round of adgitizing 100 sites. It was a fun blog hopping I did and now I am taking my break to right this post. 
Before I hit the publish button, I would like to share with you our stories posted at momgen's The Love Bug. I happened to hop on her site earlier and saw my love story there. I forgot about it so thank God I landed on her site. I enjoyed re-reading and reminiscing the first day I felt a magic. Thanks momgen for including my love story in your list. It's an honor. 

Also, I think of doing a major remodeling of this blog. It will happen soon. 


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