Chie and Chiz's Fun Bedtime Story

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Usually, a pen and a notebook or whatever that is used for writing down notes are present on my bed. It is always ready whenever my computer shuts down on me without warning. More often than not, my computer shuts down around ten or eleven in the evening and that lasts until the morning. So during the times when I am excessively carried away by the fun of blogging, I jump on my bed and continue blogging although I write my thoughts down from my conditioned brain on a pad paper. It’s fun! In the morning when I wake up, all I have to do is type the words down.

One night, Chizka and I had a fun bedtime bonding, a story that's worth to tell to anybody.

While I was writing notes down, Chizka kept poking me in the arm. I knew she needed her belly rub, back caress and neck massage that I always give to her every night before she sleeps. It is our evening routine already. What a fun life my dog has, hasn't she? Irresistible as she is, I gave in to what she wanted. After that, I went back to writing when she suddenly grabbed my pen. It was such an amazing experience watching my dog holding a pen like she wanted to write too. I had so much fun looking at her, was amused.

Oh really Chiz, you want to write too?

What are you going to write? Think, think and think! Come on, let it out and jot it down!
(This looks like she's thinking, right?)

This time she bent her head closer to the notebook,
kind of trying to write down something but she ended up inking the sheet.

My first move upon seeing her holding the pen on her mouth was to take pictures. I got to record it and share it. She really does surprising stuffs at times. She would just leave you open-mouthed reaction with her surprise moves and leave you  head-shaken with disbelief when you see her pee on the couch or on the bed. It happens when she doesn't get enough attention. Just like me, my dog has good and bad attitudes. One bad thing that we both have is having the "thick head". Lol. But one good attitude we both possess, we both know how to have fun and cheer each other up.