Did You Watch The Royal Wedding?

posted by Rechie L on ,


Have you seen me at the Royal Wedding? Lol. How I wish I’d seen it for real but I was glad Yahoo invited me to watch it live. It was just like watching fairy tale movies that have a happy ever after ending. Although I am not a fan of these Royal things as it won't benefit me but drool over their luxuries but I couldn’t resist the TV news here in the Philippines that kept showing it over and over again everyday.

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So finally, on Friday, I had the urge to watch it live on Yahoo. Watching the live footage of the royal wedding totally awakened my curiosity to the Prince and his royal family, most especially his mother, the people’s princess, Princess Diana. I grew up with her story from her wedding, to the separation and her tragic death. Although I wasn’t born yet on her wedding day but later I’ve heard of her and how she’s loved by the people.

To this newly wed royal, I just hope them to have a blessed union. I hope they will continue to wrap their marriage with love, loyalty, trust and respect. While watching the video, my eyes were pasted on Kate Middleton’s that is now Princess Catherine Duchess of Cambridge. She looked so beautiful in her simple yet very elegant wedding gown. She’s indeed a Princess! The wedding sure was a very splendid one and is every woman’s dream. We can only hope for their happy ever after.