Focusing on Seven Blogs

posted by Rechie L on


I am focusing on my seven blogs for now.

I have a total of eleven blogs actually but I’m slowly taking down those that I seldom update or those that make me speechless by the time I hit the ‘write a new post’ button.

The blogs that I had totally taken down or totally deleted are:

1. Chie’s Music Box with URL []
2. Chuchie’s Kitchen Adventure with URL []
3. A wife’s Online Abode with URL []
4. Chiz Dogz with URL [] - I plan on having this blog hosted in WP

Here are the blogs that are currenlty working and kicking in the blog land:

1. Chuchie’s Hideaway with URL
2. Scrap Collection with URL
3. Chie’s Camera Works with URL
4. WhereAbouts with URL
5. The Three Chies with URL
6. Unmasked Thoughts with URL

And the newest blog in my block – a self-hosted WP blog that needs your support. It is open for link exchange.

7. A Wife’s Online Abode with URL

These are the blogs that I’ll be focusing for now. I do hope you’ll continue giving my blogs some loving by visiting it daily. Just make sure you’ll leave your footprints so I can visit you in return.

I made a new blog I named I Earn with URL This is just a past time blog where I record my online earnings, which is not a lot. It is viewable but it is up to you if you want to follow the blog and check on my earnings.