JB: Blessings I Receive This Month of May

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When you receive blessings inside a parcel such as these in the picture below, what would be your first thought? Mine is, it's beautiful! 
Above are parcels of blessings I received this month of May. The one inside an Air21 package arrived first at our guard house. If I didn't think of giving my dog an evening walk, I wouldn't know it was already delivered. The guard that night thought I wasn't home for whether I leave the house of not, my lights both up and downstairs are lit up. 

Inside Air21 package is a tshirt I won from Lainy's 3rd Blogoversary: The Gavatar Contest. Take a look. It is sponsored by Kreativ Botique. Blog This! I so love it! I wore it today as I strolled around the city. Thank you so much to the sponsor. This is my second blogger shirt. The first one was also from Kreativ Botique

Inside the pink 2GO package is a pretty pink bag I won at Kurdapyaz's For The First Time blog giveaway.  It is sponsored by Kurdapya herself from Kurdapyaz Collection. Visit her collection, you might want some goodies on her collection such as this pretty pink bag. Of course I love it too. My sister saw this bag today and as expected, she wants it. Haist!
Thank you Lord for the blessings I receive and of course to the generous sponsors. I didn't expect to win all these but I hoped for it. Win or lose, I am grateful to the sponsors for their generosity and for letting me take my chance of winning. Thank you so much!