The Plan to Re-Tweak and My Back-up Eyes

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I am planning to re-tweak the look of this blog again. I am getting irritated by how dark this blog looks. I do not know if my eyes are just deceiving me as it happens from time to time but really, I am not happy with this current blog layout I am using. Okay, I blame it to myself…haha! I created a new layout this morning and I’ll be installing in here soon.

Now for my back-up eyes, I’m sharing a picture of it for you to see.

This pair of eyeglasses had served its purpose to me for almost four years now and counting. I only used these eyes when my original ones are in need of help. So far, the grade of the lenses still works although I am advised to upgrade. I refused because I am not yet ready to accept that my eyesight is slowly overtaking my grandma’s. I’ll upgrade eventually but not just yet.

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