Toothache Attack!

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I've been suffering from toothache for weeks now. I blame it to this ice treat, halo-halo. Lol!


I feel the pain around ten in the evening when I go to bed or when when my mind and body are not active. My computer sleeps around 10 to 11 in the evening, it means I also sleep during that time so I would get up early in the morning to continue working on online tasks. Instead of getting sleep though, I am bothered with serious toothache. So what I've been doing around ten when my computer sleeps, I would just watch TV show (only GMA shows since I have no more cable) to keep my mind busy or I power my computer back up. If I get lucky, which is very seldom, I can continue working online when the computer starts back on. But during the time when I really have nothing else to do, I would just take pain relievers or endure the pain until I fall asleep.

There's one solution to this, have the decayed/aching teeth pulled. But it simply means absence in blogging for several days. So since the pain is still bearable (thanks to Omega Pain Killer that I use to rub on my forehead, neck and back when reflexed pain from toothache attacks), I would just bear with it.  Besides, I am currently working on something that needs not to be delayed.