Fighting With The Computer

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My day started really great today because I won another 1-year free blog hosting. This time, I won it at Techie She's Lucky Blogger Meme - Week 5. I was so happy that I even announced it on my FB wall but the happiness was ruined by Shiny Red a few minutes after that.

Yes, I and Shiny Red (my laptop) have been fighting the whole day today for the latter was attacked by laziness. From the time I woke up in the morning which was around nine until five in the afternoon, it refused to stay on. What more can be frustrating in a blogger's life but not to be able to sit in front the computer and blog? My laptop just blinked on and off like a Christmas light and it's not even close to Christmas time yet. I never expected it to be that lazy today for I let it slept during its sleeping time and I even switched it on later than the usual time today. My computer time usually starts at seven in the morning and ends at around ten. It truly was frustrating that I punched shiny red helplessly. In the end, I got bruises and the laptop still on its state. So I have no choice but use the slow loading PC which I am using right now. 

It was my first encounter of my laptop's tantrums. I hope there won't be a second time or else I'll call the laptop a trash. Haist, I am getting a lot of wrinkles because of this laptop today..and some bruises on my hands too!

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